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If you have used any kind of GPS system to get around it’s hard to imagine not using one. The most useful tools now a days are the GPS navigators for cars. These units are extremely helpful for getting you around town and saving you time while doing it. It doesn’t matter how well you know your city there are still times when you can get lost. I know there have been times when I turned down a street and some how I got all turned around and it took several minutes to find my way back on track.The TomTom was the first GPS system that I remember hearing about. I remember thinking what a great invention has I recalled the many times a device like that would have come in handy for me. These systems have come a long way since I first saw that TomTom and many of them do a lot more then just guide you along your travels. Newer cars now a days have navigation systems as part of the car itself. But those also usually require a monthly fee in order to use them.However, the GPS navigators for cars like the TomTom or the Garmin 360 don’t require a fee. Once you buy one it’s just a matter of turning on setting it for your destination and going on your way. These devices are very sophisticated and are usually loaded with other features beside navigation. Some of the features you can find with these systems are preloaded maps of not just the US but other countries as well, the ability to calculate the fastest route to take, some even come with Bluetooth technology and built in microphone and speakers and allow you to make phone calls. There even some that mp3 players built in.Some of the manufactures of GPS navigators for cars TomTom, Garmin and Magellan. Although TomTom has been in the business longer they come in second place to Garmin in the GPS game. Garmin has consistently come out with innovative and quality products. The systems are frequently filled with features that can’t be found in other systems.However, featured filled or not in the end it comes down to you are looking for in a navigation system. After all maybe you don’t need a lot features. Maybe you just want a system that will just get you to your destination fast and easy and that’s good too.

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If you’re planning to buy seat covers for cars, you basically have many options dating from synthetic materials to genuine leather. Choosing the right type of material for automobile seat covers can be a daunting task for many. When it comes to cars, the best option available is leather and the reasons are too many. Leather suits almost any type of conditions except humid climates and moisture. As long as you’re not living in an area where your car’s covers can accumulate moisture from humidity, leather is the perfect material.There are multiple significant advantages in going for leather and the primary reason for this selection is none other than comfort. The kind of comfort that you can expect from genuine leather is truly impeccable. The cozy feel will always keep you fresh and energetic throughout the journey. It doesn’t matter how much time you’re spending inside the car leather can keep you active the whole day. Secondly, your car’s visual appeal will steadily rise. You’re taking your automobile to the next level by installing leather covers.When it comes to leather automobile seat covers, you basically have three options:• NuBuck: NuBuck has excellent resemblance to suede leather but compared to suede, NuBuck is a softer material. Similarly, they are extremely soft and can provide maximum comfort. However, they do not have a shiny surface and visual appeal is largely depended on the hot interior decoration of your automobile. Based on the type of material that you choose, NuBuck can be expensive too.• Protected Leather: At least 90% of the seat covers for cars are manufactured from protected leather, which brings in a shiny smooth surface. Protected leather is also called top coated leather since it comes with a protective layer. Basically, these covers do not look like the leather material that you see on your shoes or bags because they’ll be lacking the leather lining. This is because of the external covering with a protective layer. However, protected leather looks impeccable and they can be extremely durable too.• Sheep Leather: Sheep leather uses the sheep hide but the best thing is that the fur part of the leather will be displayed on the seat covers. Needless to say, you can enjoy one of the most comfortable journeys with these leather covers. However, they are difficult to maintain and are very sensitive to water. If they get wet, chances are high that they will lose their texture.These are the three types of seat covers for cars that you can find in the market. If you are looking for automobile covers for seats, make sure to consider the material that suits your needs the best. Protected leather is extremely common today and trying sheep leather or NuBuck can change the way your car looks. However, both of them are more sensitive to damage so it’s important to take utmost care too.

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Extended warranties for cars can be a real comfort for drivers if something breaks down. Most new cars come with warranties but because the brand new car has very few issues, most often it is not even used before it expires.This brings the need for extended warranties which can be a life-saver for used car owners. Because older cars tend to break down more often a warranty can save you big bucks.The difficult part is that extended warranties for cars can be extremely confusing. The small print on the contract can be overwhelming.Because of this, most people simply take the advice of the car salesman and purchase the warranty that is put in front of them. This may end up costing you in the long run.So, let’s make things a little easier for you.Here are some things you should look for when purchasing an extended warranty for a car.Some are offered at 0 percent and obviously this is the most attractive warranty there is. Remember that even if the warranty is offered at 3 percent, this can add up quickly with more expensive repairs. Finding the lowest percentage is most cost effective.Next, be sure that the warranty includes road-size service as well as towing. It is not often that a car breaks down in the parking lot of a mechanic’s shop so it is a smart thing to have these helpful services included in your extended warranty. Towing your vehicle can be quite expensive.Another helpful feature is lock-out assistance. This provides service in case you lock your keys in the vehicle and have no other way to get in.As well, some extended warranties offer car rental free for its carriers. If your repairs put your car in the shop for 4 or 5 days, renting a car out of your own pocket will cost you plenty of green.Something else that is important to check on is their claims system. Paying for an extended warranty should leave you with peace of mind. Having to fork out the money for repairs until the claim is paid out can be a real pain in the neck.Be sure that the warranty doesn’t limit you to only one or two repair shops. There are warranties that expect you to use a mechanic that they have partnered with and this can become a real inconvenience. Find a company that can be used no matter where ever you are.Ask if you can transfer the warranty should you sell this car and get a new one. If they will not transfer it, ask if they will give you a rebate should you sell the car.For the repairs that the warranty covers, discover if they pay for it in full or only a percentage. Some warranties make it sound like the repairs will be covered but in actuality, you end up paying the higher percentage.Extended warranties for cars can be confusing so be sure that you understand what you are signing up for.

Using Water As An Alternative Fuel For Cars – Reduce Pollution With Water Fuel Cell – part for car

The price of crude oil has shot up to $100 per barrel recently, many people are worrying that the price of fuel will continue to increase inexorably in the future. Given the tension between world powers such as United States and the world major crude oil producer – Iran, it is indeed probably that we, the consumer will suffer from higher fuel price in the future. Now, people are searching for alternative fuel for cars, and believe it or not, I have actually found a solution to use water as an alternative fuel.Water, covers more than 70% of the earth’s surface. While it may seems that it is impossible to use water as an alternative fuel, water itself can actually provides enough energy to move a car. Now, people are resorting to use the so-called biofuel and think that it is a new technology. However, do you know that biofuel has existed for more than 5 decades. Some old Fords can actually run on peanut oil, that was few decades ago.Since the biofuel technology is actually an old-technology few decades ago, it is not strange that water fuel cell actually exists too. Given so much free resources in the world, scientists are not stupid to not to research into using water as an alternative fuel for cars, not to say that the crude oil price is very erratic in times of war.In the arcane of science, the scientists call the research on converting water into fuel as “The Deuterium Project”. The research has been done for more than 20 years. Even though the project has not reached the most successful target and the scientists are yet to plan to commercialize the method (partly due to the political pressure from some governments that depend on crude oil as sole national income), however, by plainly altering your engine, your engine can actually move on water. These alterations can be easily done and at a low cost indeed. However, the alterations can only provide enough power to run a car, larger vehicles such as van will require some professional knowledge.In conclusion, using water as an alternative fuel for cars is not a dream at all. It is just that the method has not been exposed because of certain political pressure and imperfection to be commercialized.

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Everybody around the world whether you are male or female, young or old, like to take care of their cars and other motor vehicles. This is highly understandable, as cars and other transportation vehicles are very expensive.This is why many companies around the world started to offer a portable garage canopy for cars, for those people who figure themselves to be the outdoorsy type.The great thing about the portable garage canopy for cars is that it is very easy to set up. In fact, these canopies rank very high in the instant canopy section, as they are virtually pull and lift.The difference with other instant type canopies and the portable garage canopy for cars is that the portable garage canopy for cars is a more rounded type of canopy, and will be lower than the others.The portable garage canopy for cars comes in an array of colors and will give you all the protection you and your car need.The Best Thing About A Portable Garage Canopy For CarsThe really great thing about the portable garage is that you get them for cars, boats, tractors, trucks, RVs, trailers, motor cycles, equipment, hay and straw and many others.If, however, you are only looking to buy a portable garage canopy for cars then you will be glad to know that these come in an array of colors. They also offer many benefits that will make you want to get one of these right away.Like the fact that they are made of a very high quality material that is highly waterproof, so you can rest assured that you car will be dry all night long.The portable garage canopy for cars is also fire resistant, so your car will not be affected by any outside stray flames, even if it is set up close to the fireplace, which is not recommended.We all really dislike the fading paint part of our cars life, so you will be glad to know that the portable garage canopy for cars offer a UV blocking capability, that will ensure your car the best protection from the harsh rays of the mid day sun.The other great thing about the portable garage canopy for cars is that it is made of a high quality aluminum metal that is guaranteed never to rust. Also, it is very light weight and fold up to just about nothing, so it will not take up the entire space of your cars trunk.With many of these portable garage canopies for cars, you will need to put a few things together here and there, but if you look, and go on an extended search, you are sure to find a portable garage canopy for cars that offer a full instant canopy feature.So all you need to do is get it out of its bag and it will basically set itself up. Granted you will need to put a bit of muscle to it, but it will be much easier than the alternative.

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With gas prices being what they are, is it any wonder that people have started looking for alternative fuel sources? Would you be surprised to learn that the best alternative fuel source is hydrogen? That’s right hydrogen fuel for cars is probably the best alternative fuel to not yet hit the nation’s market. The hydrogen used in these cars is very easy to find you get it from the water that comes out of your faucet!What are Hydrogen Powered Cars?A hydrogen generator car is a car that has been altered to run on water. The car has an engine that is modified to use electrolysis to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water. The hydrogen and oxygen are both sent into the engine. The two gases work together to power the car’s engine.How do I Power My Car with Hydrogen?The best way (and currently the only way) to power your car with hydrogen is to install a hydrogen/oxygen generator into your car so that the gas is funneled into the collection chamber where it combusts and provides power for the car. You can find all of the parts needed to build the generator for your hydrogen powered cars in any hardware or automotive store.Isn’t Hydrogen Dangerous?The world has come a long way since the Hindenbergh disaster. Hydrogen fuel for cars is not only completely safe to use for alternative fuel (or to extend the life of your gas tank) it is far more practical than gasoline! Hydrogen is a clean burning gas as it gets burned into the combustion chamber, it simply evaporates into the air along with the oxygen molecules.Hydrogen powered cars are cars that not only get better gas mileage than hybrids but they are far cheaper to purchase. In fact, you can easily convert your current car to run on hydrogen without spending very much money at all! With gasoline being so expensive and so bad for the environment, don’t you want to find an alternative fuel to help you get from place to place? Hydrogen fuel for cars is the answer!

FAQ – Water Fuel System For Cars – part for car

Is the water fuel system a perpetual motion machine?The system is not a perpetual motion machine. It is a high efficiency electro mechanical system capable of producing hydrogen and oxygen in sufficient quantity to improve the overall fuel efficiency of internal combustion engines.Is it safe?Vehicles powered by the Water fuel system are inherently safer than hydrogen powered vehicles which require hydrogen tanks. Instead of hydrogen tanks, the Water fuel system extracts combustible hydrogen as needed from the water, and this steady release of hydrogen is burned continuously, thereby preventing larger accumulations of hydrogen gas.Why is the Water fuel system is called a conversion system?It is called a conversion system because it doesn’t require removal, modification, or disabling of any of your vehicles’ existing systems. Therefore, it allows you to run your vehicle on either 100% gasoline systems or the Water fuel system. In the unlikely event that your Water fuel system fails, you can easily switch back to solely using gasoline power. But, you’ll soon be getting your system back into working order. Once you’ve driven with the Water fuel system you’ll never be happy with anything else!How well does the system perform?A vehicle powered by the water hybrid system is theoretically capable of traveling from 50 to 300 miles on each gallon of supplemental water, while improving overall fuel efficiency up to 45%. However, as is true for any engine, actual efficiency depends on many factors such as; driving habits, terrain, vehicle weight and shape, and ability to tweak and optimize the system.Can the Water fuel system be used in other ways?Yes, the system can provide fuel from water for just about any home appliance requiring natural gas or propane as a source of heat; thereby saving valuable and diminishing natural resources. Space heaters and furnaces are excellent candidates. Stoves and other cooking units such as barbecue grills can also be fueled by the Water fuel system system. Such applications require a separate power supply to convert your homes 120 volt AC power into the 12 volt DC power required by the Water fuel system. You can purchase an inexpensive power supply at any electronics store such as Radio Shack, or have someone familiar with electronics build one for you since the design is very simple. The cost of home electricity used by the Water fuel system is insignificant, probably less than $3 per month in most cases.Is the system difficult to build?No, the Water fuel system is relatively easy to assemble and very easy to install, especially compared with other conversion plans on the market. No special tools are required. The usual tool and equipment found in a typical home workshop will do the job. Assembling the HyTronic module to achieve its inherent high level of reliability requires care and attention to details, along with average electronics skills. The only special piece of test equipment you may want to have access to use is an oscilloscope. It is not necessary, but may help you obtain peak efficiency from the HyTronics module. But, you shouldn’t have any problem getting help from a local electronics guru if you don’t have an oscilloscope. Most folks are so fascinated by unusual electronic systems and devices that they would almost be willing to pay you for the privilege of tweaking your HyTronics module.Can I buy a ready to install Water fuel system?Right now, this specific Water fuel system is not being commercially manufactured, but there are various distributors around the country who offer DIY (Do it yourself) parts or fully assembled kits utilizing similar technologies and principles. Planning is in the initial stages for producing Water fuel system conversion kits for most vehicles and eventually manufacturing the entire system,or at least its major components. We’re hoping to have some prototype kits tested soon and delivery of ready to install kits should begin sometime before the end of 2008.

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There are several reasons why you might want to store your car safely for a few months. You may be travelling overseas, you may be unable to drive for a significant length of time or you may own a vehicle that you only use for part of the year. Whatever the reason for storing a car, there are several important considerations to take into account before you lock it up and walk away.Firstly, you will need to find a clean, dry and secure location. The ideal solution is a garage or storage facility where you can lock the car up and know that no one will gain access to the area before your return. Many commercial storage facilities are ideal for this purpose. The cost involved is well worth it in terms of the long term value of your vehicle. However, if you want your car to be in pristine condition when you return, you need to follow some important steps first.A car’s condition can deteriorate rapidly if it has not been prepared well beforehand. It’s particularly important to avoid any chance of rust occurring while you’re away, so you need to eliminate any possibility of damp. Washing and drying the car thoroughly before putting it into storage will help. To ensure that the car is completely dry, it’s best to do this on a hot day. A protective layer of wax will guard against corrosion. In fact, the day you put your car into storage should be the day your car looks its absolute best, inside and out! Cleaning the inside of the car thoroughly will also ensure that it doesn’t become a breeding ground for pests while you’re away.Corrosion can also occur inside the engine if the car is left sitting idle for any length of time. To guard against this, remove the spark plugs and spray a little oil into each cylinder. To coat the cylinder walls with the oil, crank the engine for one revolution, with the spark plugs still removed.Some people choose to place a stored car on a large piece of plastic sheeting so that damp doesn’t rise up from the concrete floor. If you also pull the sides of the plastic up and fit it over the tyres and into the doors, you will stop rodents and pests from getting up under the car in search of a warm spot. You also need to block any other entrance points such as the exhaust pipe and the air intake inside the engine so that nothing crawls inside. Make sure you leave a note on the car reminding you to unblock these points before you drive it away again later!To avoid the brake pads fusing to the discs, you will need to leave the hand brake off. Instead, you can leave the car in gear and chock the wheels. A car that will be left for a long time should probably be put up on jack stands to avoid pressure on the tyres and suspension. Other key points include inflating the tyres fully, putting rags between the wipers and the glass, and lubricating all hinges to stop them from seizing up.It is best to remove the battery from the car if it is being stored, unless you are able to visit the car regularly and keep it charged. Many people also use thick but breathable car cover to make sure the vehicle is completely protected from the elements that can occur, even though it’s inside a locked space.Finally, you can put your car registration on hold if it will be in storage for a particularly long time. It’s also a good idea to remember that your warrant of fitness may expire while the car is in storage.

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During the past years the popularity of aftermarket performance auto parts has grown at tremendous rate. Basically considered as an alternate to automotive parts which are not produced by auto manufacturers these aftermarket parts compete with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. They are usually purchased and added to the car or truck by the car owner or a performance shop. Most of this work is done after the car has been sold at a dealership. In terms of design and function, aftermarket auto parts are very similar to the stock automotive parts and primarily used to substitute a stock part with one that produces more horsepower and torque.Now-a-days many car owners are choosing aftermarket products because they are comparatively less expensive than OEM replacements. Although at times some aftermarket auto parts fail to meet the high standards of original equipments. It is also wrong to say that aftermarket products are usually second-rate in terms of style. Aftermarket auto parts are one of the few great ways to customize the appearance and feel of any car or truck. Depending on how much you want to do and your budget, you can even tune the performance of your vehicle with aftermarket automotive parts.There are numerous sources for aftermarket auto parts. Online stores have taken the internet by storm with hundreds launching every month. The response has been very positive which has made more and more sites pop up. Now you can find wholesale companies cashing in as well as companies that help perspective owners start their own business online with preloaded stores and e-commerce sites.Not long ago people were skeptical about purchasing online. It was new and with many things new, it takes time to catch on. Once people saw that it was safe and much more efficient the boom was on. eBay was the catalyst for getting the online shopping phenomenon off the ground. Who wants to drive around town looking for performance shops which might or might not have what your looking for in stock. Much easier to sit next to your computer sipping own a cold one while checking for your hard to find parts.Buying aftermarket performance auto parts online can offer you some of best benefits, such as the following:1. Anybody can tell you a bunch of bull to your face. With a online supplier there are ways to see if they are reputable. You normally can get a brief history of the company and the founder. Read testimonials from customers who have had actual transactions with the store. Speak with customer service if you have questions not answered on the site.2. Options are plenty – Typically you will find the same part you are looking for a multiple locations. Each might sell at a different price and have different shipping costs. You must be aware of these things prior to placing your order. Another big option is what state you make your purchase from. Since the sites could be located anywhere, you best bet is to purchase your auto parts from a website that is not located in your state. This way you are not obligated to pay state sales tax. Since everything is typically shipped ground you won’t experience much of a delay in getting your parts by buying outside your state.

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When you use a car, it becomes almost necessary to replace certain parts after prolonged usage. No matter what type of a vehicle it is, there are some engine and suspension accessories that get worn out with time. This can affect the overall riding experience, mileage and performance of the vehicle. If any of the suspension parts get damaged or unfit for use, you need to get a replacement as soon as possible. There are some vital suspension accessories that you need to be aware about.What is the function of Control Arms in your car?As a matter of fact, Control Arms of a car are the parts that hold tires and wheels to the frame. When the vehicle goes over bumps this spare enables it to remain straight and perpendicular with respect to the road surface. The geometry and size of these accessories are vital for determining handling, braking and acceleration of an automobile. It is also referred as the wishbone. There are Lateral variants that point outward and connect to chassis, like those used in MacPherson strut suspensions. Longitudinal variants regulate the axle’s up and down motions. These are used in rear suspensions. These spares are generally used with coil springs.Learn about Other Important Suspension SparesEvery car has some kind of shock absorption system installed in it to cope with bumps and potholes in the roads and tackle different terrains. Camber Arms and kits are used to absorb shocks in cars that have undergone modifications in suspension. It is useful for cars that have wheels arched outward or inward. It also helps in tire alignment. You can find camber kits for specific vehicle models and it is important that you buy the right kit for your sedan or hatchback. The cost will vary based on your car model and make, naturally. Racing cars are fitted with camber kits too. You can find various kits comprising of mainly bolts and shims while there are variants based on adjustable ball joints. The design can vary based on the positioning of the kit in the car’s suspension. You can find such units for some models from Ford, Toyota and Honda. It is recommended you get such a kit aligned by a veteran car alignment shop.Buy Suspension Parts from Suitable SellersYou should ensure that you buy spares for your vehicle’s suspension from reliable and veteran car part sellers. Before making a purchase from such online shops, check for the warranty and shipment terms.